Volunteers Needed!

Volunteer in our community! Volunteers are the most important resource our community has.

“[MBA] is a very unusual association. I don’t know of another association with this kind of volunteerism. It started with the building of the dunes [after the 1962 storm]. Everybody came out and helped.”
— Amy Peoples

The ability of our residents to work willingly together for the betterment of our community and themselves is a valuable resource. Ideally, our volunteers find the donation of their time and energy a meaningful experience for themselves as well as for the MBA.

We are very grateful to the many individuals who have lent their time and talents over the years since MBA began.

We look forward to even more of our amazing community members joining us. The following are our current standing committees:

If you are interested in joining any of the above committees or would like more information about them, please contact us – support@middlesexbeach.org.

Why Do People Volunteer?

  • to help others and contribute to the community
  • to learn new skills and use them in a new setting
  • to meet neighbors
  • to challenge themselves
  • to help improve the quality of community life