Landscaping Committee

Committee Chair: Holly Fluty Dempsey

The goal of the Middlesex Beach Landscaping Committee is to make our community more beautiful. Projects occur throughout the year and volunteers are always welcomed.

Chester River Landscaping contract

MBA has signed a turf maintenance contract with Chester River Landscaping. This covers mowing of the community open spaces, and also quarterly raking of the drainage swales. 

Spring 2024 Landscaping Survey

A survey was emailed to the membership in March 2024 asking for input as to which parts of the community should be prioritized. Click HERE for the results of that survey.

Plant your garden using native plants

What is a native plant? A native plant is one that originated and occurs naturally in a region. Non-native plants also may occur naturally but were introduced from another region. They survive without intervention and compete successfully with native plants. Native and non-native plants often occur side by side in natural stands. Only historical records can trace true origin.

Why landscape with native plants? Since native plants are indigenous in an area, they are ideally suited to grow in a similar habitat within the region. Having competed with other plants, native plants have proven themselves well adapted. Plants used in a landscape environment that is similar to their native habitat will grow with a minimum of maintenance. When appropriately placed in the landscape, native plants require less water and fewer pesticide applications. If native plants require pampering, the most likely reason is an unsuitable location.

Planting native species protects them from extinction. As land is developed, some native plants are pushed out of their natural habitats. The sensitive use of these plants in the landscape preserves them for all to appreciate.

Want to know more about Delaware Native Plants?