Community Fencing

The MBA will replace sections of the Coastal Highway fencing this offseason, in addition to the decaying section at the west end of Bridge Rd. At the January meeting, the Board approved the bid from Eastern Shore Porch and Patio. Miss Utility has been notified, and the contractor started work on Wednesday, February 14. Click HERE for details.

Dune Grass Planting

Dune Grass PlantingEmployees of Mike Jandzen’s Aquatic Marine filling in bare spots on our dunes with Cape American Dune Grass in early February, 2024.Dune Grass Planting

2024 Happy Hours

The MBA Social Committee is planning several events for the upcoming year. Community members have volunteered to host Happy Hours most months this summer. If you are interested in hosting such an event in July, please contact Social Chair Kate Mounteer via “”.

65 Summers of Middlesex

Also being planned is a celebration of the upcoming 65 Summers of Middlesex. Modeled in some fashion after the wildly successful 2009 celebration of 50 Summers of Middlesex and the 2014 celebration of 55 Summers of Middlesex held on our beach, the summer will wrap up with a celebration over Labor Day weekend. Stay tuned for further information on this and potential 65 summers swag.

Updates on Drainage

Internal Drainage update:

MBA has contracted with Harry Caswell to blow debris out of all our driveway culverts and other underground piping. This work will be undertaken in March.

External Drainage update:

DNREC has completed the second survey of the ditching and drainage areas along Kent Ave. They are awaiting the data from that survey to determine the best way to drain the most water out into the Assawoman Bay. Paul and Margie joined a round-table group of representatives from South Bethany, Bayside Tennis Club, Sea Colony, and MBA for an informal conversation about drainage, water, and how our communities are impacted.

South Bethany is working on plans to mitigate the flooding that occurs in Cat Hill. (MBA’s ditches along Evergreen, Addy and Bridge, in addition to the ditches adjacent the Tennis Club including one parallel to MBA’s Pine Path, also drain through Cat Hill.) This water is supposed to drain into the Assawoman Canal through the marsh which is owned by Sea Colony. Sea Colony says there was a ditch that provided this drainage and remnants of it can still be seen, but over the years this ditch has filled in with debris and no longer works the way it is supposed to. Sea Colony has tried several times to get permits to clear it out without success.

Bayside Tennis is very aware there is no outlet for their ditch water and the ditch is filled with debris. About 7 years ago, DNREC used prisoners to clear it out, but don’t think they’ll get support for doing that now. They can see where the outlet is supposed to be, but it isn’t there.

Paul and Margie told them about the work MBA has been doing with Tyler Brown at DNREC the past three or four years; and about the ditch project in MBA begun two years ago which continues this year with cleaning the ditches and clearing culverts of debris.

Currently there is a dredging project actively cleaning the Assawoman Canal adjacent Bahamas Beach Cottages and Sea Colony. There is a new kayak launching park being planned by the State Parks in the same area across the canal from Sea Colony’s kayak launching area. Everyone at the table was hopeful that this project would speed along the work to fix the drainage from Kent Ave.

Everyone also agreed that we should continue to meet and share information. There was discussion of including Bahamas Beach Cottages, but it was agreed that their needs are a little different and it is premature to bring them in now. (MBA’s Errett, Bayberry and Short Roads drain into the ditches along the west/north side of Kent Ave towards Bahamas Beach Cottages.)


The Board discussed the first draft of the FY 2024-25 Budget at the January meeting. After incorporating comments made at that meeting, a second draft will be circulated to the Board and posted on the MBA website. We plan to listen to community comments on that second draft at the February meeting.

MBA Board meetings are usually held in the meeting room of the Bethany West Community Center, 602 Poplar Court, Bethany Beach, at 9:30 AM on the third Saturday of each month.

In general, the Board will meet in person or via a hybrid meeting. The community may participate via ZOOM. Click HERE for further information.

For further information regarding MBA meetings or events, please contact the Board of Directors.

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