An Important Public Health Notice from the MBA

This notice is to inform the community that an employee of the MBA has tested positive for the coronavirus.  As always, the safety of the community and our employees is of the utmost importance to the Board.  Accordingly, the following steps are being taken in response to this recent news:

  1. While the Board is only aware of one employee testing positive, as a matter of caution, all MBA employees who were or may have been in recent contact with the employee in question are being tested.
  2. The employees who are known to have been in recent contact with the COVID-positive employee will not return to work until they have been tested and received a negative test result.
  3. During this time of testing and contact-tracing, the beach will be patrolled only by those Beach Patrol and Community Patrol members who have not had recent contact with the COVID-positive employee.
  4. Until testing is complete, all members of the Beach Patrol and Community Patrol will wear masks at all times while at work.
  5. Social distancing is very important for the health and safety of everyone in the community.  Please socially distance and spread out as much as possible when on the beach or elsewhere if interacting with persons outside of your own household.
  6. All members of the community and their guests are reminded to follow the directional signs for access to and exit from the beach.  Following such signs is very important for the health and safety of everyone in the community.
  7. All members of the community and their guests are strongly encouraged to wear masks when social distancing is not possible either on the beach or elsewhere.
  8. For your safety and that of your neighbors, please follow all CDC recommendations and Delaware Division of Public Health guidelines and recommendations.
  9. Please keep yourselves informed and continue to pay attention to this and other Board-authorized communications sent via email or posted on the MBA website, at the guard house or at the end of the beach walkways.
  10. The Board will keep you informed of any further developments as we learn them.

Ellen Throop
Vice President
On behalf of the MBA Board of Directors

BEACH OPEN with restrictions

When the beach opens at 5:00 PM on May 22nd, in addition to the standard rules for Middlesex Beach, we are asking beachgoers to follow:

  • All guidelines put forth by the CDC for social distancing including:
    • Beachgoers maintaining at least six (6) feet of distance between themselves and anyone outside their household. Face coverings are encouraged on the beach.
    • Avoid gatherings in groups of people greater than ten (10).

Additionally, these changes to normal summer operations have been made to support social distancing and reduce hand contact to surfaces:

  • A Traffic Plan for entrance to the beach has been developed; and will be enforced.
  • Entrances TO the beach will be at the Evergreen and Errett beach walkways.
  • Exits FROM the beach will at the Addy and Bayberry beach walkways.
  • The beach walkway at Addy is the designated TWO-WAY walkway for people with mobility issues. Staff will assist with stopping traffic coming in the opposite direction.
  • The walkway at Bridge Road will be CLOSED and only available for two-way use by MBA staff.
  • The foot washes at all beach walkways have been turned off. Please do not attempt to turn the water on at these washers.
  • The Sno Cone vendor will be allowed to enter the Ocean Side and will be parked inside the Rt 1 fences at Addy and Bayberry roads.

Please be mindful that there are many surfaces that you and your family members may wish to touch between your homes and other places in the MBA community. Please use safe practices.

Upcoming Events

Board MeetingJuly 18, 2020 - 9:30 AM

Community MeetingSeptember 5, 2020

For further information regarding either of these meetings or any other events, please reach out to the Board of Directors.

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