The final due date is July 18th

There are numerous options to pay the Middlesex Beach Association’s annual  assessment. Through the Association’s management company, Community  Association Services, Inc. (CAS), these options have been set up to make paying  the assessment easy within the thirty day timeframe to make payment. Please  see below for a description of the options.  

Mail: Send your payment through the USPS to Middlesex Beach, c/o CAS, PO  Box 11973, Newark, NJ 07101-4973. Payments go to a third party lockbox  engaged by the Association’s bank to collect assessments. Date of receipt by the  lockbox is the date the payment is posted so be certain to allow ample time for  postal service delays.  

Direct Debit: Pay using direct debit. This is the easiest option and it’s free of  charge! Owners complete and submit one time a form to CAS and their account is automatically debited by the Association’s operating bank. This transaction would  take place between the 8th and 12th of June. Please download the direct debit form here.

Electronic Transfer of Funds: Through the Association’s bank, a third party  processor called Zego is engaged to transfer funds electronically at no cost to the  owners. This is a one time ACH transaction that owners control. Similar to using  Zelle, Venmo or PayPal, owners set up an account and direct Zego to move funds  to the Association’s account.  

Credit Card & PayPal: Through Zego, owners may pay their assessment by  credit card. There is a convenience fee charged for paying by this method. The  fee is charged by the processor, not by the Association or CAS.  

Please download this step by step instruction sheet to set up a Zego account. Zego requires a number from the invoice that CAS has recently mailed to homeowners. Please refer to the invoice numbers to complete payment.