Beach Patrol Committee

Committee Chair: Mark McCulloh

MBA Beach Patrol Supervisor: Holden Wingate

The Middlesex Beach Patrol (MBP) is responsible for monitoring the beach and ocean while on duty. In addition to watching for ocean goers that may need assistance, they also oversee surf and weather conditions and clear the ocean and/or the beach when weather dictates. The Beach Patrol also runs the junior lifeguard program. As part of the community, they host a beach picnic several times during the season.

Beach Patrol Archives

The MBP has participated in many events over the past several years, winning many awards. Additional information about these events can be found in the Archives.

2024 MBA Junior Guards Program

The Middlesex Beach Patrol offers a Junior Lifeguard program for young boys and girls interested in becoming future lifeguards. In past years, the sessions are held for 6 weeks each Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 10AM-11AM. With professional lifeguards as instructors, this program teaches water safety procedures and first aid techniques, builds self-confidence and helps prepare interested youths for work as future lifeguards. Junior Lifeguards learn about beach safety in a fun and challenging atmosphere.


  • Participation is open to boys and girls between the ages of 6 and 17.
  • Parents/Guardians must sign a waiver to participate.
  • Those participating in the Junior Guard program must help with biweekly picnics held on alternate Saturdays through the summer.
  • Uniforms are suggested and can be purchased, but they are not required.