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President | Paul Bradley

Vice President | Ron Thomas

Secretary | Ellen Throop

Treasurer | Jerry Kafka

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Community Access and Egress

A valid 2020 MBA Beach Pass is required to occupy our beach. Each Beach Pass is a revocable/non-transferable pass restricted to property owners and their tenants. Property owners are responsible for the conduct of ALL tenants and guests on MBA property. MBA Special Event Permits are required for gatherings of 25 or more.

  • Access gates:

    Route 1 and Kent Avenue
    Padlock combination is provided to home owners via regular mail at the beginning of each season.



A handicapped accessible ramp is located at Addy Road. Beach accessible wheelchairs may be rented at Coastal Rentals (Millville) 302-539-5211.

Rules and Regulations

MAY 1 — SEPTEMBER 30, 2020:

  • No pets are allowed on the beach (per 7 Del.C. Ch. 17);
  • No launching or landing of drones on the beach;
  • No smoking on the beach or walkways;

MAY 23 — SEPTEMBER 20, 2020 | 10 AM — 5 PM:

  • Valid 2020 MBA Beach and Parking Passes must be properly displayed;
  • No surf boarding or surf fishing;
  • Skimboarding is at the discretion of Beach Patrol;


  • Parking in fire lanes and elsewhere as marked;
  • Littering;
  • Walking, sitting, or playing on the dunes;
  • Beach fires/grills (except MBA sponsored events);
  • Glass containers on the beach;
  • Loud music/radio on the beach;
  • Camping or sleeping in tents anywhere in the community;
  • Towels, bathing suits, and other garments festooned on railings;
  • Umbrellas/sun screens placed forward of lifeguard stands;
  • Fireworks;


  • Pets must be leashed and picked up after;
  • No excessive noise in the community (11 PM — 6 AM);
  • No parking on Pineside residential roads (July 1 — September 7, 2020);
  • Holes dug on beach must be filled in on the same day prior to leaving;
  • Comply promptly with all Patrol instructions; check lifeguard stands daily for important information;
  • Unattended items left on the beach after sundown may be removed and disposed.


The Middlesex Beach Association allows safe and courteous operation of golf carts within the community. Golf cart owners must comply with the rules governing golf cart use on Middlesex Beach Association, including the private roads. Each individual golf cart must display a standard, valid parking pass for the current year. Only validly licensed drivers are permitted to operate a golf cart within Middlesex Beach Association. Golf carts shall be driven in a safe and prudent manner, yield to pedestrian traffic, and obey all applicable Delaware Motor Vehicle Laws and Regulations. Golf carts may only be operated between sunrise and sunset, unless the golf cart is equipped with front and rear lights. For safety, all golf carts must be equipped with a rear-view mirror and side mirrors.