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President | David Wiecking

Vice President | Margie Cyr

Secretary | Kate Mounteer

Treasurer | Bob Wood

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Community Access and Egress

A valid 2022 MBA Beach Pass is required to occupy our beach. Each Beach Pass is a revocable/non-transferable pass restricted to property owners and their tenants. Property owners are responsible for the conduct of ALL tenants and guests on MBA property. MBA Special Event Permits are required for gatherings of 25 or more.

  • Access gates:

    Route 1 and Kent Avenue
    Padlock combination is provided to home owners via regular mail at the beginning of each season.



A handicapped accessible ramp is located at Addy Road. Beach accessible wheelchairs may be rented at Coastal Rentals (Millville) 302-539-5211.

MBA Rules and Regulations – 2022

Owners are responsible for the actions of their family members, tenants, and guests on Middlesex Beach Association (“MBA”) property at all times. 

Beach & Parking Passes 

Valid MBA Beach and Parking Passes are required and must be easily visible beginning on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend through the Tuesday two (2) weeks after Labor Day i.e., May 28‐Sept 20, 2022 (specific dates vary each calendar year). In the event a pass is revoked, the affected property owner may submit an appeal to the President of the MBA to have it reinstated. 

Use of Beach 

  • All individuals and groups must have a valid MBA Beach Pass for the current year to utilize the MBA beach. Each pass is revocable and non‐transferable, restricted to owners, family members, their guests, and tenants. 
  • All individuals and groups must comply promptly with all Beach and Community Patrol instructions. Check lifeguard stands daily for important information. 
  • Holes dug on the beach must be filled on the same day prior to leaving. 
  • Beach fires/grills (except MBA sponsored events) are prohibited at all times. Sports equipment such as, but not limited to volleyball nets, bocci ball, and corn hole are permitted on the back half of the beach. These activities must not interfere with the peace and enjoyment of others using the beach. 
  • All individuals using the beach are responsible for removing all of their trash when leaving the beach. 
  • Loud music on the beach is prohibited at all times. 
  • Umbrellas/sun screens/canopies must be placed westward of the back end of the lifeguard stands. These items must be taken down and removed from the beach each day by 9:00 PM. 
  • Smoking and/or the use of vaping devices are prohibited on the beach and/or walkways at all times. 
  • Surf boarding, skimboarding, use of personal watercraft and surf fishing are prohibited during normal Beach Patrol days and hours of operation as determined by the MBA. Surf fishing may only be conducted in a traditional manner. Any bait utilized by the angler may only be placed on hooks on fishing rigs.  These rigs must be tied to fishing line which extends from a fishing reel affixed to a fishing pole. All fishing poles must be held by the angler or placed in a ‘sand spike’ holder.  Sand spikes may only be utilized near the water line.  Any other use of fish bait in any form is strictly prohibited.
  • Unattended items left on the beach after sundown may be removed and disposed of by the MBA excluding volleyball nets. 

Drones / Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s) 

Motorized aircraft (drones / UAV’s) are prohibited from being launched, flown, or landed on the Middlesex Beach at all times. 

Beach Closing 

In accordance with MBA policy, the beach will be closed at the first sign of lightning or thunder. It will not reopen until thirty (30) minutes after the danger has passed. The Middlesex Beach Patrol captain has the authority to enforce this safety policy and may temporarily suspend the Beach Passes held by anyone who does not obey an order to vacate the beach. Such a temporary suspension shall be effective for 48 hours and shall be followed by a referral to the Board of Directors for review as to whether additional action is warranted, such as imposition of a monetary fine or a more permanent suspension of beach access privileges. 

Pets on the Beach 

No pets are allowed on the beach, May 15 ‐ October 1. 


Walking, sitting, or playing on the dunes are prohibited at all times. 

Special Events 

Groups of 25 or more and all special events (such as weddings) must obtain an approved MBA Special Event Permit. This may be requested from the President of the MBA. 


Fireworks (DE Code Title 16, Chapter 69) are prohibited at all times in any place in the community (including the beach). 

Pets in the Community 

Pets must be leashed and under the control of a responsible person at all times. Waste bags are to be used at all times. Waste bag dispensers are available on Beach Plum Rd (2) and Dune Rd (2). 


Excessive noise is prohibited in the community at all times. Quiet hours are observed 11:00 PM ‐ 8:00 AM. 

Pine Side Parking 

Parking on Pine Side residential roads is prohibited whenever ‘No Parking’ signs are posted. Parking in Fire Lanes 

Parking in fire lanes and elsewhere, as marked, is prohibited. Occupied vehicles parked in these lanes are also prohibited. Vehicles in violation of these requirements may be towed at the owner’s expense. The towing company utilized by the MBA is listed in the Directory.


Camping or sleeping in tents anywhere in the community is prohibited at all times. RV’s and other similar vehicles may not remain in driveways for more than two (2) weeks. At no time may any vehicle be utilized as living quarters or as a residence. See section [9.3] of the MBA Restrictive Covenants for additional details. 

Golf Cart Rules 

MBA allows safe and courteous operation of golf carts within the community. Golf cart owners must comply with the rules governing their use in MBA.  Each golf cart must display a standard, valid parking pass for the current year.  Only validly licensed drivers are permitted to operate a golf cart within MBA.  Golf carts shall be driven in a safe and prudent manner, yield to 

pedestrian traffic, and obey all applicable Delaware Motor Vehicle Laws and Regulations.  Golf carts may only be operated between sunrise and sunset, unless it is equipped with front and rear lights.  For safety, all golf carts must be equipped with a rear‐view mirror and side mirrors. 

Trash and Trash Receptacles 

Trash receptacle rules were originally required in 2015 to address unsightly and ineffective trash containment in MBA. The intention of these rules is to provide a visual barrier from trash and recycling; and to stop trash from blowing onto adjacent properties or public spaces. 

  1. Each developed residential property shall have a trash and recycling enclosure(s) if it uses MBA trash/recycling services. Each property may have up to two (2) enclosures. 
  2. MBA community trash receptacles may never be used for household trash and/or recycling. 
  3. Each enclosure shall be placed at the roadside property line. A replaced or modified enclosure may be placed on its previous footprint but no closer to the road. 
  4. All such enclosures shall be of sufficient size and number to fully contain and cover the highest volume of trash and recycling at any time.   
  5. All trash and recycling enclosures shall be maintained in good order, condition, and repair. 
  6. Each enclosure shall be of a singular design. The sides of the enclosure shall be solid, or have vertical, lattice, or horizontal boards separated by not more than two (2) inches. 
  7. Trash and recycling enclosures shall be at least as high as the tallest receptacle. In no event shall trash and recycling enclosures be taller than 75 inches. 
  8. Each enclosure shall either have a gate or a side that is open so the enclosed bins are easily accessible by the trash contractors. The side of the trash and recycling enclosure which faces the road shall not be open. Gates are permitted on the side facing the road and shall be kept closed by the property owner.

Property owners must bring their trash and recycling enclosures into compliance with these revised Rules no later than December 31, 2022.   

Yard Waste 

Yard waste (loose, stacked, bagged or bundled, etc.) may not be placed on community property more than two (2) weeks prior to any next scheduled community pick up. 

Reporting of Violations 

Violations of any of the MBA Rules may result in fines or other remedies permitted by the MBA Restrictive Covenants and Rules. Alleged violations of these Rules are to be reported in writing (written note, email, or text, etc.) to the MBA President ( Documentation by photos of such violations is recommended. Anonymous reports will not be accepted.