2022 Trash & Recycling Pickup Schedule


Republic Services has single-stream recycling of regular household paper, glass, cans, etc. While this is encouraged, it is not mandatory.

Delaware Law prohibits ANY brush or lawn debris from being mixed with regular household trash. MBA has contracted for removal of any brush or lawn debris. PLEASE NOTE THAT REPUBLIC WILL NOT EMPTY TRASH CANS THAT CONTAIN ANY LAWN OR BRUSH DEBRIS. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR PROPERLY SEPARATING YOUR TRASH, AND FOR INFORMING YOUR GUESTS AND RENTERS OF THIS POLICY.

Yard Waste Pick Up
Yard waste pick up resumes every other Wednesday beginning March 2. Yard waste must be bagged and bundled cut in lengths no longer than four (4) feet. Yard waste may not be co-mingled with trash. Please place the bags/bundles by the side of the road.

  • All owners shall have sufficient size and number of trash and recycling receptacles to fully contain their highest volume of trash and recycling materials.
  • All trash and recycling enclosures shall be maintained in good order, condition and repair.
  • All trash and recycling receptacles shall have tight-fitting lids. At least three sidewalls of the trash and recycling enclosures shall be at least 90% as high as the tallest receptacle in use.

Each sidewall shall have no more than 25% open area. Trash and recycling enclosures shall not exceed four feet (4’) in height with no gate or an opening on one end OR if the enclosure is gated, six feet (6′) in height with an option of an additional maximum one foot (1′) lattice or decorative piece at the top of the enclosure. Trash or recycling enclosure shall not exceed 75 square feet area.

If an owner chooses to not have any recycling enclosures: the owner shall not place the recycling by the roadside until after 7:00 pm the night before pick-up and shall promptly remove all recycling receptacles and lids from the roadside by no later than 7:00 pm the day of pick-up and keep same out of site from the front property line. (Note: trash receptacles must be within a trash enclosure.)

Roofs over the trash and recycling enclosures are prohibited.

Each recycling enclosure shall have a gate OR the side facing AWAY from the road shall be left open.

Regular Brush and Yard Waste Pickups

At ALL times during the year EXCEPT for the 2 months before the spring pickup, all brush must be either:

  • cut into 4’ lengths and bundled for removal (using cotton/biodegradable string, not synthetic),
  • put into trash cans completely separate from any household debris, OR
  • put in disposable paper bags.

Plastic bags are NOT allowed for this type of debris. All properly prepared brush and lawn debris put out for pickup between mid-May and the end of October will be removed at least bi-weekly.

Please see the calendar above for an up-to-date collection schedule.

Regular Trash and Recycling Pickups

A copy of the full pickup schedule is included with the Annual Directory, as a standalone laminated sheet, and in the calendar at the top of this page.

ANY MATERIAL PLACED AT THE ROADSIDE AFTER THE PICKUPS ARE COMPLETE WILL BE REMOVED AT COST TO THE PROPERTY OWNER, so please make sure that everything is ready to be picked up by June 16. This charge for trash removal applies all year round.

Note: Allied will NOT take old oil-based paint, but will take old latex paint if it has been solidified with kitty litter or other absorbents.

Items that will NOT be collected include:

  • Automobile batteries;
  • Tires;
  • Oil and petroleum products;
  • Rocks, bricks, dirt;
  • Construction debris;
  • Tree stumps;
  • Flammable/hazardous materials, including oil-based paint;
  • Appliances containing CFC/Freon gas, such as refrigerators, freezers and AC units.

Any hazardous material placed by the roadside at any time may be removed IMMEDIATELY at cost to the property owner. Inadvertent collection of any material placed on, in, or adjacent to bulk items to be collected will not be the responsibility of Allied Waste or the MBA.

We thank you for your assistance in helping keep our community neat, clean, and safe throughout the entire year.

Yard Waste Pickup

MBA chipping will NOT include tree stumps, large trees, or any branches larger than 4 inches in diameter. Simply place your material in easy to manage piles by the street, on your own property, and back from the paved roadway. If you miss the announced brush pickup, all brush must be prepared as noted above for removal during the weekly brush pickups.

Note: Any loose brush material placed at the roadside after the spring brush pickup will be removed at a cost to the property owner.

Occasionally, after major storms, MBA will schedule a separate brush pickup. If such a pickup is scheduled, this information WILL be prominently posted on the homepage of this site, as well as on the blog and other pages.

Trash Rules | Approved March 17, 2022 

Trash and Trash Receptacles 

Trash receptacle rules were originally required in 2015 to address unsightly and ineffective trash containment in MBA. These revised rules require all properties to comply with the rules by December 31, 2022. The intention of these rules is to provide a visual barrier from trash and recycling; and to stop trash from blowing onto adjacent properties or public spaces. 

  1. Each developed residential property shall have a trash and recycling enclosure(s) if it has  trash and/or recycling receptacles. Each property may have up to two (2) enclosures.
  2. MBA community trash receptacles may never be used for household trash and/or  recycling. 
  3. Each enclosure shall be placed at the roadside property line. A replaced or modified  enclosure may be placed on its previous footprint but no closer to the road.
  4. All such enclosures shall be of sufficient size and number to fully contain and cover the  highest volume of trash and recycling at any time. 
  5. All trash and recycling enclosures shall be maintained in good order, condition, and  repair. 
  6. Each enclosure shall be of a singular design. The sides of the enclosure shall be solid, or  have vertical, lattice, or horizontal boards separated by not more than two (2) inches.
  7. Trash and recycling enclosures shall be at least as high as the tallest receptacle. In no  event shall trash and recycling enclosures be taller than 75 inches. 
  8. Each enclosure shall either have a gate or a side that is open so the enclosed bins are  easily accessible by the trash contractors. The side of the trash and recycling enclosure  which faces the road shall not be open. Gates are permitted on the side facing the road  and shall be kept closed by the property owner. 

Property owners must bring their trash and recycling enclosures into compliance with these revised Rules no later than December 31, 2022. Violations of any of the MBA Rules may result in fines or other remedies permitted by the MBA Restrictive Covenants and Rule. 

Yard Waste 

Yard waste (loose, stacked, bagged or bundled, etc.) may not be placed on community property more than two (2) weeks prior to any next scheduled community pick up.

New Housing

Owners shall comply with all Rules and Regulations listed above.