MBA Forms

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  • Replacement Pass Request (view form)
    Complete online or print and deliver to Solutions Property Management or the MBA Community Patrol at the Guard House (weekends/holidays).
  • MBA Special Event Request (view form)
    Complete and bring to the Guard House (summer) or mail to the property manager (address within the form).
  • MBA Reimbursement for an expense (view form)
  • Beach Accessible Wheelchair (view form)
    As announced in Summer of 2022, due to the generosity of the Uhas Family and in partnership with MBA Board, a Beach Accessible Wheelchair was purchased for the use of our residents and guests. Those wishing to use the Beach Accessible Wheelchair should call or text the Community Patrol (CP) Guard Shack at (302) 339-2319 to inform of the request to use and the approximate time of pick up.  This will assist the CP staff in fulfilling their role which is limited to collecting the sign out forms and unlocking the Wheelchair from its secured storage area and to prepare it for use.
    The use of the Beach Accessible Wheelchair is limited to transporting an individual to and from the beach only.  The Wheelchair is available on a first-come first-served basis by completing the “Beach Accessible Wheelchair Sign Out and Release of Liability Form” which can be found HERE.  If possible, the form should be completed in advance and handed to the Community Patrol (CP) staff when the person utilizing the Wheelchair picks it up at the Guard Shack.  If that is not possible, CP staff maintains blank forms in the Shack.  We again would encourage requestors to call the Guard Shack in advance to inform of intent to use.  The chair may be picked up at 10:00 AM or later and must be returned by 4:30 PM.