MBA Board Meeting – February 20, 2021

9:30 AM – Zoom Meeting 
Please register in advance for this webinar: or Phone in 888 788 0099 (Toll Free) 

Webinar ID: 985 0502 2381 

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Not all items on this agenda may be addressed during the meeting and agenda items may not be  addressed in this order. Topics and Order of Discussion are subject to modification. Violation  Hearings and Discussions may be held in executive session.  

Call to order, Margie Cyr, President. 

Introduction of community members in attendance. 

The Board respectfully requests that Community Members be recognized before addressing the Board. The time limit for any comments may be limited to two (2) minutes. 

Action item: Motion that no electronic or any type of recording (video and/or audio, etc) of the Board  meeting in any fashion is allowed except via Zoom initiated by the Board. 

Review Board Meeting Minutes  

Saturday, January 16, 2021 

Property Manager’s Report: Debbie Reed, CAS, written report submitted 

President’s Report: Margie Cyr 

Treasurer’s Report: Alex Sella 

Committee Reports: 

  • Beach Committee: Mark McCulloh, written report submitted 
  • Beautification: Tris Kruger 
  • Building: Steve Larsen 
  • Budget/Finance: Alex Sella, written report submitted 
  • Commercial: Carol Paul, written support submitted 
  • Community Facilities: Jeff Sella, written report submitted 
  • Community Patrol: Kerry Hall, written report submitted 
  • Legal: Ellen Throop, written report submitted 
  • Social: Nancy Glasgow, written report submitted 

Questions for Committee Reports 

Unfinished Business 

  • Beach Replenishment Permit Status
  • Ocean Walkways Trash Enclosures 
    • Survey Results 
    • Replacement of Trash Enclosures 
  • Community Facilities Projects Priorities  
  • Budget Planning 
    • If using employees’ personal phones is there an allowance to give for that use?
    • Facilities Project List – Pending Board Approval 
      • Currently all additional requested projects total approximately $70,000 
      • This is approximated 8-9% of the proposed assessment 
      • We need to decide which projects should be included in the budget for this year
  • Trees Along Bridge Rd adjacent to the Delmarva Power Plant 
  • Pine Side Ditches & Culverts 
    • 21 Errett 
  • Beach Rules, Summer 2021 
  • Sea Colony Drainage 
  • Comcast Services 
  • Community Security & Vandalism 

New Business 

  • Owner Welcome/Education Sessions 
  • Beach Plum Road Survey 
  • 1 Dune Request for Early Return of Bond 
  • 27 Errett Request for Height Variance for Solar Panels 
  • CAI Membership Potential 
  • Fund Raising Ideas 
  • Barre Studio Proposal for Classes 

Attendee Comments 

Adjourn to Executive Session for the purpose of discussion of  

  • Owner Delinquencies 
  • Contracts 
  • Personnel 
  • Legal/Mediation Issues 

Reopen meeting 

Future Meetings:

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