2019 USLA National Championships

Pictures follow at the end of this post!

Sussex County: First Place, 2019 USLA National Championship – Open Point Score

Please join me in congratulating the Middlesex Beach Patrol on their many outstanding contributions taking Sussex County to First Place in the 2019 USLA Nationals Championship Highest Open Point Score, the very top team in the nation, above 38 ranked competing national patrols in open point totals!

Imagine hearing the announcer on stage during Saturday evening’s awards festivities yell into the microphone, “And this is exciting,  in second place is… Los Angeles County with 634.752 points, … and in FIRST place… with the highest open points score… is SUSSEX COUNTY with 634.822 points!” as the crowd of 1000 competitors cheered.

Competing from Middlesex Beach were Justin Voorheis, Emily Trout, Mitch McGee, Emma Barthelmess, Declan Burke, Dillon McKay, Erin Haden, Billy Swontek and Cooper Shawver.

Some of the many accolades include:

  • Emily Trout U19 2K Beach Run National Champion!
  • Declan Burke 2nd in U19 2K Beach Run!
  • Dillon McKay 3rd in U19 2K Beach Run!
  • MBP Sprint Team SECOND PLACE in the Nation!
  • Justin Voorheis placed in top 5 Ironguard Comp!
  • Erin 7th in Nation Run!
  • Emily 9th in Nation Run!
  • Declan 14th in Nation Run!
  • …and more team accomplishments, including two of our Junior Guards, Brynn Crandell and Cameron McKay traveled to compete and excel.

Justin Voorheis, on stage accepting the huge first place trophy on behalf of all of the Sussex County team politely exclaimed, “This is the best team effort I’ve seen since I’ve been guarding, you guys are awesome, next year we’ll be back ready to do bigger things!”

Clearly, the MBP has a great future with dedicated members like these nine, and those that remained home to protect our beaches, all training, practicing lifesaving skills and dedicating countless hours of their own time to prepare and compete.  A highly motivated group for sure!

Please take a moment to congratulate them when you are able!

David Taylor

Chair, Middlesex Beach Patrol Committee