Roadside Trash Enclosures

MBA Restrictive Covenants require that all properties have “suitable trash enclosures” that must be installed at roadside property lines. The Board has determined that this applies to both trash and recycling containers. Note that your enclosure MUST enclose enough trash cans to hold all trash generated between regularly scheduled pickups.

View the Specific Requirements for Trash Enclosures.

Click HERE for Sussex County regulations regarding posting of property address for 911 purposes.

The following is designed to enclose 2 trash cans, and 1 recycling can. It can, however, be extended to hold either 3 or 4 trash cans, but you may decide that a linear one doesn’t fit the space on your lot, and that perhaps a rectangular one would fit better.

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Build 2 side frames: The first one was mostly 2×4’s, with a 4×4 post for extra stiffness at the gate opening. The other frame should be a mirror image of this one.

Next, they “toe-nailed” the parts together using 3″ stainless steel screws, knowing that the eventual siding would provide most of the strength to the unit.

Note: the 4×4 post is not centered on the frame, but extends on one side. Notches were cut in the 4×4 post to receive the horizontal boards.
After reconsideration, they replaced the bottom board with a 2×6 (after making the notch bigger).

Note: this is the same piece as above, but upside down. It is NOT the mirror image piece.

The part of the 4×4 that extends beyond the frame will stick into the ground a few inches.

Before proceeding too much further, make sure that it WILL enclose YOUR trash cans.

Put the 2 side frames next to each other and attach the three connecting 2×4’s (one in the middle; two at the rear).

Install the floor.

For this enclosure, the floor is standard 6″ decking lumber (known as “5/4 boards”, they are actually 1″ thick). Extra boards are used as temporary spacers while the flooring is being attached.

Note: the floor is only in the trash can portion, but NOT in the recycling portion.

Not shown in this picture is the diagonal brace installed under the middle connecting 2×4.

Install your choice of siding to the basic frame.

You may wish to match the siding and/or trim on your house.
This design uses 1×6’s, with gaps of approximately 1/2″ between boards.

Build a rectangular frame for the gate, and install a diagonal brace across the middle.

This enclosure also has decking lumber on the 2 sides of the frame, and another on the top of the gate.

Note: if you have the opening facing AWAY from the street, you do NOT need a gate.

Rear of the enclosure

Install siding on the gate;
Install the hinges to the gate, then to the enclosure frame;
Attach a latch (not shown in this picture).

The finished product as seen from the street.

Credit: Rick Sandlass & Dave Wiecking