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  • On August 3, 2016 the Middlesex Beach Patrol hosted the Middlesex Beach Myers Cup Lifesaving Invitational, .....and won it!!

    This is the annual competition hosted on our own beach featuring competitive events with emphasis on actual ocean life saving skills.

    The Middlesex Beach Patrol lead by Captain Justin with his skilled and enthusiastic staff are the 2016 Champions, retaining the coveted Myers Cup on our own sands!

    A tremendous night, acting as as the hosts for multiple coastal patrols, as well as, displaying the highest caliber athleticism on sand and sea.

    Don't miss a chance to congratulate our 2016 Champions!
    MBP Women finish 4th in All-Female competition in Sandy Hook, NJ

    On Wednesday, July 27th, 2016, six of our women beach patrol members departed at 4:00 AM for Sandy Hook, NJ with Captain Justin at the helm of the rental van. By the end of a very long day the six competitors had achieved a 4th place team finish! They competed among 20+ teams comprised of over 200 women guards in reportedly the nations oldest and largest all female lifeguarding competiton. It was hosted in Gateway National Park.

    This is an exceptional accomplishment against large and historically competitive patrols from all around the New York and New Jersey area. Please congratulate them when you see them on the stand...or when they rescue you from the surf! This accomplishment is certainly tied to the dedication, training and character of these young women.

    Although the competitors themselves clearly made this happen, much appreciation goes to Justin and his senior staff for creating the climate for them to excel, and to the whole patrol for covering the stands while they were away. A team effort!

    David Taylor
    MBA Beach Chair
    MBP takes Rehoboth Competition

    On August 3, 2016, the Middlesex Beach Patrol put on an amazing display of individual and team effort culminating with the awarding of the Championship title for the 2016 Rehoboth Olympics!

    The last time MBP is believed to have held this particular title was in 1989. This is quite a feat for a patrol with a comparatively small roster for this annual event. This competition has nearly a 40 year history.

    Please take the opportunity to congratulate them for their efforts! Your patrol has tremendous dedication, training and heart.

    David Taylor
    MBA Beach Chair
    2016 Happy Hours
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  • Drainage Work
  • Little Free Library
  • Dunes and the Beach
  • Bridge Rd Paving
    Rt. 26 Widening news:
  • Work schedule
  • Daytime lane closures to resume 9/8/15
  • Route 26 construction will continue until Sept 2016
  • Project Info (Coastal Point)
  • DelDOT project website
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    Bethany/Eastern Shore News:
  • Bethany at mercy of tide and storm
  • Bethany gets Corps' answer on flooding concerns
  • Info from Sen. Carper re Water Resources Development Act
  • Narrower beaches this summer
  • Post storm beach work not projected for Bethany area
  • Coons presses for Beach Repair Funding
  • Solar Farm on MD404 near US50
    (In-season Schedule)
    Trash: Every Mon/Thu/Sat
    Next pickup: Sat, Aug 27

    Household Recycling:
    Every Friday
    Next pickup: Fri, Aug 31

    Brush/Yard Waste:
    Every Wednesday
    Next pickup: Wed, Aug 31

  • 2016 Bulk Trash &
    Brush Chipping Info
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  • 2016-7 Pickup Calendar

  • Friday, September 16, 2016 from 5-7 PM
    at the 43 Dune Rd home of
    Carolyn and Bob Aberbach
    Members with last name beginning with
    A-L bring appetizers;
    M-Z bring beer or wine.
    Questions? Contact Mary Byrd (mary@byrdpropertymanagement.com)
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    Pres: Jeff Sella
    VP: Ellen Throop
    Sec: Tris Kruger
    Treas: Jim Dempsey
    Sharon Adams
    Judy Bennett
    Margie Cyr
    Steve Larsen
    Dave Wiecking
    Beach: David Taylor
    Beautification: Jennifer Kazemzadeh
    Budget: Jim Dempsey
    Building: Margie Cyr
    Commercial: Judy Bennett
    Community Facilities: Dave Wiecking
    Legal: Ellen Throop
    Nominating: Sharon Adams
    Security: Jeff Sella
    Social: Mary Byrd
  • MBA Financials
  • Restrictive Covenants
  • Community Rules and Regulations
    PO Box 173, Bethany Beach, DE 19930
    Community Manager:
    Right Property Management:
    32630 Cedar Drive, Suite B
    Millville, DE 19967
    (fax: 302-537-6092)
    Board President: 301-526-5476
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  • Thoughts on our Beach and Dunes-10/16/10
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  • Surface Water Runoff into SB's Anchorange Canal Basin
  • Area Surface Water Runoff (summary)
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  • August 19, 2009 Community Tour summary
    Chair: Jennifer Kazemzadeh
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  • 9/4/12 Dune Condition Report
  • Bethany Beach Repair Info via DNREC
  • Recently uncovered photos of our Dunes between 1983-95
  • Thoughts on our Beach and Dunes-10/16/10
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  • See how much our dune has grown over the years
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  • Mediacom Channel Lineup (6/2/15)
  • 2014 Artesian Report on Water Quality
  • Sen. Carper / Sen. Coons / Rep. Carney
  • Sussex Co Dog Licensing
  • Middlesex Beach is on the lower Delaware coast of the Atlantic Ocean near Bethany Beach. It is located just north of South Bethany, and south of Sea Colony. The short business strip along DE 1 (Long&Foster, McDonald's, South Bethany Seafood, China Express, Resort Quest etc.) is in our community.
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